Stay Busy, Stay Alive

Yeah stay busy!

This is the lesson I have learnt in the past two to three months. Indeed, sometimes life hits you hard. This tends to happen especially when you have taken big resolutions: I will be positive every single day, no regrets, I want to be happy, etc. Have you not read the quote: “Life is A Bitch”? 

In those moments, you want to drown back. Negative thoughts want to come back easily and that confidence you may have built for yourself: disappearing. The response to these risks: Stay busy.

A busy mind does not wander. A mind with objectives does not have time to mourn. A mind with goals is too focused to get distracted. A mind with activities is happy.

This advice, I had received it from my mom years ago and I used not to concretely grasp it but now I do. I believe, I did not manage to grasp it because of the nature/quality of the activities that I had chosen to stay busy with.  Indeed, if THE activities can be considered as non-fulfilling,  you will probably feel even more depressed. Therefore choose well. Choose well your career, choose well your hobbies. Moreover, learn to distance yourself from everything you do.

It may look like a contradiction but everything makes perfect sense. You feel ” bad” and you decide to get busy with meaningful activities: a job, some social activities, etc. If you face difficulties in those activities, should it affect you even more? No, the distance will keep  you busy while protecting your feelings.

I am busy now, so busy that the day ends with me always feeling I have not achieved it all, but also with me being very happy of the bits which I did achieve. The challenges in the last months could have been enough to make me lose the peace of mind achieved amidst so many hurdles. But they didn’t, only because I stayed busy.

Try it, for a moment and feel free to share your experience in the comments, or any related thoughts.

Love, Anna♦

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