When I Stopped Writing

Nearly one week ago, I stopped writing.

I started my week with low motivation. I stopped in front of the computer several times to write, and it just did not come through. I had more than five drafts existing (so enough space to close at least one article), but I just did not feel like doing it.

I was rather not so productive for my job cores as well and all in one, this discouraged even more to write. So yeah, I stopped writing for a few days and a month ended without me keeping my word to write one post a day. 

What does it say about me? Am I unable to commit by set objectives? Am I a quitter, a non-performer? In this life where we are all about objectives,goals and achievements, and basically all about performance, it is always difficult to consider a miss as something which is not a failure. Even when, the objective is defined in a non-professional sphere, even when it is a leisure, we (I, and I am sure I am not alone) quickly feel, that we are not respecting/achieving our goals. For this reason, afther the first two days without writing, I thought for a few minutes about quitting this goal.

Indeed, when I sat in March with the crazy idea to write one post per day for the net 365 days, little did I know how my life would change. I was in mid-term pregnancy and I just did not imagine what being a mum was all about.

Yeah, people tell you, mothers, aunties, friends, etc.. but for each and everyone it is just a unique experience (will surely be the subject of another post). So basically, it has changed my life. It has changed priorities, and it is I have to admit tiring as well. So sometimes, when evening comes and I am supposed to write the article, and Lil Princess is not yet sleeping, when she finally sleeps, guess what I sleep as well lol and stop the writing.

In the first weeks of my pregnancy, I fought hard (suppose, it was easier with maternity leave) to find the strength to keep writing anyway, everyday. In the past months in fact, I tried most of the times to do it.

This week, I just wanted to stop. I wanted to stop and see the difference. I wanted to stop and measure if it was so important me. I wanted to stop and feel how it felt (yep, this redundance is meant) not to write. I wanted to feel, measure the importance of writing in my life. I have always written somehow, small texts in notebooks, thoughts in a secret book when I was a teenager, writings on Word documents. I don’t know if I want to be a writer (I would even say no, publishing books, too far for me) but I like writing. I like using words to reshape my thoughts. I like writing to describe the world I live in. In fact, I need to write.

So, during one week, I felt like stopping. I felt like changing. I felt like my new responsabilities were too much to cope with. I can’t promise, I will not skip some other day. I don’t even worry about it, because the other lesson is I am writing for me first and foremost. But still, writing is important, and I will keep on sharing and I hope you will be more and more readers. I don’t mean to be a star, but if my words can touch, change a bit in someone’s life, just for a second, then I will feel happy.

Therefore, feel free to comment, I will always find time to respond. Happy Reading. This is La Case D’Anna.

Love, Anna♦

4 thoughts on “When I Stopped Writing

  1. Stopping doesnt make you a quitter.
    Tes objectifs sont les tiens. Je ne te donne aucune leçon. Ecrire est aussi important que t’occuper de lil princess, que de travailler, de se REPOSER pour justement pouvoir continuer ou tout simplement tpour regarder le chemin parcouru. L’essentiel c’est que tu te trouves toi et que tu continues à faire ce que tu aimes avec plaisir. Nous serons la pour te lire :-*

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