Meli Melo

So much to say and so much to hide.

So much to live, so few to fear.

So many different experiences,

So many lessons learnt.

Live or die, it is all up to you.

Words come and go.

Images come and go

Stories rise and fall

Buildings also do

An one day, all comes to an end

Do you feel the end is coming?

Do you feel the world is falling?

Do you understand it can all stop now?

Do you realize you shoul take the best of it?

It is all about now, not tomorrow

Because of now, people take it to far

Because of now, people act silly

Because of now, the world goes mad

Because of now, we can expect evrything but the best

Because of now, it is alays now or never

Meli Melo, this is how it feels

Meli Melo, this is how it all sounds.

You have not felt it yet?

You ill do so? Even the air will feel like it.

Meli Melo, some countries are feeling it.

Meli Melo, some of us are feeling it

Meli Melo, for some, this is everyay

Meli Melo or when you don’t think

Time comes an goes

Opportunities come an go

Meli Melo stays, if you wish.

Meli Melo, the awesome mix.

Meli Melo, want it, feel it, enjoy it.

Meli Melo, this is when you decide, each instant is crucial.

Love, Anna♦



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