Peace is when you are happy and you wonder why…

Peace is this little thrill of joy when your lil sis comes back home after two years apart.

Peace is this special ways you do those new things and they feel like they were part of life.

Peace is this lil sister which brings you just the perfect gifts.

Peace is this stabilizing impression that YOUR people know you so well.

Peace is what you experience when she is in your arms.

Perfect peace is one needs to strive permanently to achieve

Peace is what our world seems willing to remove us every single day.

Peace of mind is the greatest fight with yourself, every day, no matter what.

Peace is what I wish to those of my friends who have lost their dearest some days ago.

Peace is unique, peace is individual, peace is never everlasting or it is, it depends on you.

Peace to the souls of the lost ones.

Peace, I said Peace.

Peace to all lovers. Peace to haters (oh yeah, they won’t trouble your peace).

Peace, Peace, Peace and Peace

Do you feel it coming now?

Peace and Love,

Love, Anna♦

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