Just a reminder, Black Lives Matter

Hi (yeah for once I say hi), fellow readers. Consider this post as an open letter to all black people around the world. This is the voice of a young black woman telling her fellow black people all around the world: we need to stop the bullshit. Black life does matters and it starts with us. 

To my fellow black man living somewhere on planet earth,

A long time ago, a nasty game was started. Some people willing for more power, used their means to discover the world. They went through oceans and “discovered” several people and territories. Those discoverers believed as per their means, that they were rulers of the world. They believed as per religion that they had power to conquer everyone. They believed as per fantasy that their science, their way of living was superior and that everyone living differently, everyone thinking differently, was meant to be “civilized” as they said. Just as, they thought they had to take back the “Holy Land” from the savages (Jerusalem) or just as they thought in their own territories that some religious branches (Catholicism) were superior to others (protestants).

Somehow, they had it all wrong, and somehow that made no difference as they had the finances, the weapons and the men to force others into their view. That is how my continent, Africa, the continent from which are issued all black people in the world, that is how my continent was jeopardized. That is how my people were taught their race was inferior, their race was nothing, their race was worthy of no respect.

But then I stop. Indeed, centuries after all this happened, centuries after slavery, forced labor, independence, and despite a black man president of the world’s highest power, black men still don’t believe they are worth it. After all these centuries fighting for our freedom and somehow getting it, we still believe the white people are superior, the white people are masters and they deserve to command us (this is even more brutal in Africa, guess why).

It gets to that extent that some women would go light in complexion and would explain that they need to do it in order to get attention and recognition. It gets to that extent that in some international companies, even when installed on our soil, some of us would prefer them to be ran by white men. It gets to that extent that black people sometimes when they have gone through white people education, would believe that other black people are nothing. It gets to that extent that all around the world, the first treat of black people is black people themselves.

Today in the United States, a new black name is going viral (#AltonSterling) and while reading comments on this article explaining the case, I am shocked to read some black people once more giving excuses to the white men who killed their brother. I agree that we should not be accepting any moral breach by our fellow black people all around the world but still. If we don’t back up ourselves, who we do the job for us? If we don’t give ourselves the benefit of doubt, who will be ready to do it on our behalf?

The extent to which black people are the first black racists always tends to get me on my nerves. You would see Afro-Americans or people from the Islands (Guadeloupe, Haiti) despising Africans as they believe our ancestors sold them out. We would see Africans so proud to be educated and considering all black Americans live in ghettos and fully deserve their “poor” condition. Black racism is first of all a matter of black people. I am sure I will be shocking most with this but this is my perception and I can be wrong.

Still. I am always so disappointed to see how black people vow a cult to so-called white supremacy. In my country Cameroon, it would be easy for a white person to get served before everyone else in a line of fifty persons waiting, after all he is white, he is a master, he is a king. In my country as in other African countries, many young girls fight much to get married to a white man, convinced this is a sesame to good life and happiness. Their families also tend to be extremely happy and proud, suggesting their girl has achieved an incredible performance. In black american movies, the black people who have succeeded in life, tend to respect white people codes. They go to expensive college, are lawyers, journalists, talk sassy English etc and tend to limit their dealings with their black friends from the hood.

When I came back home after eight years living in France, I was so appalled to see so many people not understanding how I could have possibly abandoned  Europe to work in my home country. I was quickly appalled in my work dealings that people were so cautious and afraid of the MD just because he was a white man. And this was not all

When reading or watching the news, I am always so sadly surprised of the kind of honors given to white people who don’t care by our black presidents or authorities. I am always sad to realize we black people don’t really know about our past and don’t properly cherish our traditions and heritage. I am always appalled to read young men and women despising our traditions as aged, against progress and not applicable in the new world. But really, what new world are we talking about? This new world where a black man can be killed everyday in the world’s greatest power, just because he was black and therefore associated to a crime? This new world where in many developed countries people want to go back to ancient ways, ancient food, and come to our Africa for inspiration?

Black people, let us gather ourselves. I am not calling for black supremacy as I don’t believe any race is superior to any other. We are all humans as a matter of fact. Still, in a space where our rights are systematically brought down, we should not expect those who take all advantages from it and namely material, cultural, economic advantage from it, to welcome us with open arms and give us a space. Black people must realize by themselves, more often that black live matters, but more importantly black live should matters first and foremost to black people. The pain we give to ourselves, the lack of respect we sustain, no one but us will be able to turn the wheel.

Just some words, just some thoughts.  #blacklivesmatter

Love, Anna♦


4 thoughts on “Just a reminder, Black Lives Matter

    1. Hello Desdi. That visual is ironic, because White men don’t need to show any pride as they have already managed to demonstrate to the world that white is the highest rave amongst all others while we are just all humans.

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